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April 2017

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Spring is here once again, time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Time can be a funny thing. Someone recently asked me how old my cats were and I said Bella is about 6 and Hadley is around 3, then later that week my daughter asked when the cats birthdays were, she remembered they were in the spring sometime. So I looked them up to double check and sure enough I was right on the dates Bella's birthday was April 1st and Hadley's was March 17th. Then I looked a bit closer... Bella was born in 2008, we adopted her in 2010, she actually just turned 9 years old. And Hadley was born in 2012, she was 5 months when we adopted her so she just turned 5 years old. I was shocked. Where on earth did the time go, I have had my cats locked in to the wrong ages for years! If children didn't change so much over the years I may have done the same with them too. I know of time and it's basic concept but when you don't really live by clocks and calanders but more from an internal feeling  things can get a little distorted, not necessarily in a bad way. I feel the same today as I did years ago, guess that is a very good thing, one of which I am grateful for beyond measure.

When I first noticed some signs of aging in my body I decided to make some changes in my life. They were not easy changes at first.  I had to  totally through out all my "knowledge" and understanding of nutrition I had learned over the last decade or more, and start over from scrap. What I was taught, what we are currently taught on diet is in my experience...wrong, all of it, wrong. We could not have such an epidemic of illness going on in our society if  our diets were in fact correct and healthy. So where does one begin. Looking at the science, researching medical journals and finally looking at other countries and cultures where things seem to be going right.

I finally landed on Sweeden and South Africa where the right diet was a High Fat Low Carb lifestyle. I know at first it sounds crazy but if you give the idea  a chance and tune into your bodies needs it begins to make sense. I began on a ketogentic diet September 2015 and I took my husband along with me on this journey. Within a few months we began to see changes, weight was dropping off and we felt more energetic. Onward we went, by the next  spring I felt a bit stuck with my weight loss so I began looking into the paleo diet and using whole foods more and dairy a bit less (except butter and keifer those stayed). More weight came off and some amazing side effects happened along the way, besides my husband and I losing over 30 pounds each (we were not that overweight to begin with just enough to be getting uncomfortable), I also noticed no more joint pain in my body, much more energy and clearer thinking ( I even went back to school at 48 years old and got straight A's), no more premenaposal symptoms (including night sweats,gone), I just feel younger and happier. Now my kids have a hard time keeping us with us on vacation. 

Time and aging are concepts we are taught but actually how they are interpretted individually varies. Our beliefs on aging and how we should or should not act vary according to our thoughts. Let this spring be a new beginning for you to find a fresh start and turn back the clock so to speak. Yes time marches forward and things will always be changing, yet we can keep our thoughts turned inward focusing on the good in our lives, to the joy in our hearts and to the blessings and miracles that surround us daily. Our focus is our reality, keep yours bright and youthful and you'd be surprised how freeing it feels to let go of the constant ticking of time. 

For more information on a HFLC diet check out there are recipes, blogs, videos and a wealth of information to be had. 


March 2017

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"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."  - Leo Tolstoy

Change, the only constant in the world. The oxymoron of all oxymorons, how we deal with change has everything to do with how we heal our lives. If we see change as this great big scary unknown that lurks in the shadows waiting to pounce on our oh so perfect lives, how can we ever be at peace? We would live our life in a state of constant panic, stress and fear, which many do, and  in turn this leads to states of anxiety, depression, agitation and even physical illness.

If we would just stop, close our eyes, take a deep breath, release the breath, and open our eyes again... we could then ask, what do you see?  

Right now, right in front of you, what do you see? that is your reality, at this moment in time, that is all you need to engage in. Concentrate on your breathe, not your past mistakes, not the unknown future, just now, breathing calmly in and out. How we choose to see the world is up to us, we can perceive it as it is calmly or we can make up a reality in our head, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, our body does not know the difference. If we feel we live in a big scary world and everyone is out to get us we will make ourselves unwell, if we just can't let go of our past mistakes or traumas and we relive them over and over in our head, we will make ourselves unwell. If we worry about the changes in our lives that may or may not happen such as getting hit by a bus or losing one's job or losing a loved one, we will make ourselves unwell,  it's just how things work here. Now it is not to say we can't plan for the future or ever reminisce about the past, our minds are amazing time travelers that are unlimited by time and space, however we cannot take up residence in these places either. We reside for the time being in our bodies in the present moment, that should be where the majority of our presence should be spent. 

All change, even our own, begins in our mind. If we can learn to change our own thinking we can create miracles in our lives by simply shifting our perception. As an educator, if I could add any one curriculum to schools today it would be Mindfulness (being present). This could be taught in so many different ways, I know first hand because I teach a youth group and this is the basis of most of our studies. There are simple ways to add these teachings to schools like bringing in meditation for a few minutes a day to classrooms or walking meditations between classes. Learning to be present, to accept reality for what it really is teaches Peace, allows for Wisdom, connects us to Compassion, it really is priceless. Somewhere along the way we seem to have lost something called accountability, and along with it Empowerment. The first step to reclaiming your power is to become accountable for your thoughts. This will then over time lead to accountability of your actions towards yourself and towards those you encounter in your life. Those encounters and how you then respond to the needs of yourself and to others leads to an awareness of a powerful sacred space within each of us where healing, balance, and joy reside in a very real and very constant state. It all begins with the simple act of just taking a deep breathe. For now that's all you need to do, take a few minutes a day to just Breathe. After a week or two make it two times a day or even three if you desire. You can use deep breathing whenever you feel you need a minute to clear your head and take a reality check. For more resources on Breathe work check out Matt Kahn's latest video on Youtube All is well or Dr. Andrew Weil's 4-7-8 breathe work at  Take a few minutes to make this easy but profound change in your life, add some deep breathwork to your day and step on the path to reconnect with your inner sacred space. Kate