Nurturing Spirit

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Nurturing Spirit is a practice I started years ago when I began this journey of Holistic Healthcare. In 1990 I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and while I may have begun my teaching career as a High School Art Teacher, I am still teaching more than 25 years later, only I have broadened my life experiences to help myself and others to navigate through this journey called life. I have furthered my own education in the areas of Nutrition and Holistic Health, I have sought training in Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping), Shamanic work, Meditation and Mindfulness, and Clinical Massage Therapy. I value all the education I have studied over the years yet I believe some of our greatest learning experiences come from just living, and getting to know more about this world and the many cultures in it. I have been blessed to have known some amazing Lakota Sioux friends from South Dakota, we prayed together in sweat lodges, participated in pipe ceremonies, supported other family and friends during visions and felt the deep connection to this earth and to all her inhabitants on the sacred circle. One becomes Many and the Many then back to One. I have sat in meditation with Buddhist monks, who have mastered what it is to sit in pure bliss, in complete stillness and silence, to experience our connection to the divine source, from which all of life is descended and a part of. I love getting to know other cultures and learning about the deep spirituality that runs globally, that helps bring us all together. Part of healing ourselves and finding inner peace lies in understanding the world we live in. Seeing our reflection in others, knowing we really are never alone and that change begins within our own being, believing anything is possible and that miracles happen everyday.